The patented Stoa Cable Tidy is designed to store and feed out your extension cord without tangles - time after time. The product is perfect and indispensable for anyone who regularly use extension cords, from carpenters, electricians and plumbers, to the home handyman.

Instructions - StoA Cable Tidy

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1. Install the wall fixing as shown in the illustration at least 1.5
metres above floor level.
2. The handgrip is affixed to the StoA Cable Tidy by pushing
the handgrip firmly past the locking spline.
3. Start with the male plug end and allow enough cable to
reach the power point. Loop the cable on, usually about one
arm-length and the “rule” of the longer the cable the bigger the
loop. Maximum cable length is 35 metres.


Wall-mounted use

On the floor

On the floor: Place the StoA Cable Tidy on the floor near the power point with the handgrip
side down. Turn the StoA Cable Tidy 180 degrees towards the direction you wish to walk. The
cable will be released coil for coil without tangling.

Hand-held use

Hand-held:  Hold the StoA Cable Tidy in your left hand. Pick off tangle-free coils to the desired
cable length.

Wall-mounted: Lift the StoA Cable Tidy up and outwards. The StoA Cable Tidy is now fixed
in the wall mount and can be turned 180 degrees sideways. The cable will then paid-out when
walking away with the free end of cable.


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